Just keep swimming…running…swimming..running

The next challenge is the Gower Breca Swimrun in July! So with my team mate Tom Richardson we have tried to get in the sea as much as possible and have started running in our wetsuits and swimming in our trail shoes! Crazy I know but what a way to experience our amazing coastline! Training is going well especially now the sea has warmed up a bit, we did our first open water 3K distance and felt good!




All this training I think is starting to rub off! Ed, who is 9- did first proper sea swim tonight and borrowed my Garmin to record it! He is signed up to do the Long Course Weekend Kids Swim Run and the Ironkids Race!


Well done Ed!




The weather has been amazing for training, it makes it so much easier getting up at 5.45 when the skies are blue! Though as training load is increasing I have found it more of a challenge to keep going and tackle those long rides. Dave and I tend to train at different times due to our work/family commitments, so when I can, I enlist Steve, my husband, to come along for part of the ride or my swim/run buddy Tom- both of which have been a brilliant support!

I’m learning to listen to my body too- I’ve had a few days where I have felt completely wiped out or my legs have been so tired I couldn’t manage a long run- so I have deviated from ‘the plan’ to recover. For those who know me, this is a break through- I always stick to the plan!!

xx Kitty

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