Ironsiblings slayed the dragon!!

Well we did it! Finished in one piece, no injuries, no bike issues and with huge grins on our faces!! My finish time was 15 hrs 10 and Dave’s was a magnificent 13 hrs 52!!! We couldn’t wait to show mum our medals! So far we have raised a whopping £2000!! I am still coming to terms with what we have actually achieved! It was hard, really hard but at no point did I want to give up, in spite of the dark place I was in 6 hours into the bike, faced with a head wind, tired legs, a … Continue reading Ironsiblings slayed the dragon!!

7 Days to go!!!!

One week to go and I’m feeling good, nerves are starting to creep in but so far keeping a handle on it.  I’ve been quite reflective this last week in order to instill positivity and confidence! I’ve been looking back on my training- which has gone really well due to good weather, a realistic plan, an amazingly supportive family and a range of training buddies!  The fortnightly update of the chalk board has become quite a ritual! Also looking back on the events I have taken part in to prepare myself reminds me how lucky I am to be in … Continue reading 7 Days to go!!!!