7 Days to go!!!!

One week to go and I’m feeling good, nerves are starting to creep in but so far keeping a handle on it.  I’ve been quite reflective this last week in order to instill positivity and confidence! I’ve been looking back on my training- which has gone really well due to good weather, a realistic plan, an amazingly supportive family and a range of training buddies!  The fortnightly update of the chalk board has become quite a ritual!


Also looking back on the events I have taken part in to prepare myself reminds me how lucky I am to be in a position to give Ironman my best shot!IMG_3945

I will throw everything I have at it! I really don’t think I can be more prepared, I have list after list of kit, nutrition, timings I’m aiming for and cut off times. I am practicing tyre changes and have even timed my loo stops on the bike! 952ED990-81D9-46D2-AA8B-F35930E0EBAB

IMG_7534 I even have a bike stand !!!

So I shall be thinking of mum and my amazing family when I am digging deep and will be thankful that I have been able to have this amazing experience. If things don’t go to plan on the day well at least I will know that I have given it my all. Raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society has given me a huge incentive and I hope writing this blog has helped raise some awareness too. It is so so hard to see what this disease has done to my mum for nearly 10 years now.  Thank you so much for donating, your support means so much to us as a family!


Kitty  xxx

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