Day 4 Post Op

I’m going to try to have more of a ‘normal’, up and about kind of day today though I still feel a bit weak and wobbly.  I haven’t been able to shower yet, I am relying on giant bed bath wet wipes to freshen up ( a festival wash- without all the festival fun!). Steve washed my hair for me yesterday which made all the difference. I sat on a stool outside the shower, held onto the sink and just leaned back while Steve quickly washed and conditioned my hair.  Steve has been so patient so far and has been doing all of the running around, he is a star!

I was able to take the bandage and padding off my leg so I had a little peep at my stitches before covering them up again. It is not as swollen as I expected and the stitches look pretty neat!


I have also been told by the physio to start bending my knee a few times a day. This is painful but I was surprised how much I could bend it already.


So far I am enjoying checking in on my Strava friends’s training sessions and I am not feeling any pangs of jealousy… yet! I think when the pain subsides it may be a different story!

Signing off now!  xxxx Kitty



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