20 Weeks and Counting!

I have officially started the training plan now which means 20 weeks until the big event! It is a ‘Super Simple’ Ironman Training Plan written by Matt Fitzgerald (Endurance sports writer, coach and nutritionist). I followed his 70.3 plan which worked for me so thought I would go with that.

The plan prescribes three swims, three rides and three runs (plus one or two short brick runs) per week. There is always one rest day and every fourth week is a reduced-volume recovery week. Each week I fit the workouts around my teaching days/RNLI work and other family commitments. There is only a handful of different types of workouts, each of which has a simple format and is simple to execute. I’m keeping up the core fitness and the yoga too. Most days I start training at 6 am, this means I can fit more into my day!


Dave and I did our first big ride together on Saturday it was so lovely to have company the whole ride and it was a gorgeous sunny morning.  I think I am using my gears a bit more effectively now thanks to a bit of tuition, but apparently my descending skills need some work! I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to zooming down hills!

018f0865321f607fc86c4ef3de3ecb5802f43bba99I had my first attempt at using the aero bars, kindly lent to me by a friend- they were missing a pad so I improvised with a bra pad- worked a treat for now, the proper ones are on order!


Looking forward to the next ride Dave!

xxx Kitty


4 thoughts on “20 Weeks and Counting!

  1. I’m interested in that 70.3 training plan you mention and am Googling as I type. How strict where you with that? I mean – what did you do if you missed a session or if your work was too much that week and you were simply knackered?

    When marathon training I have days where I just cannot run. The mojo goes, the mental strength is gone. At Half IM distance – that must make a difference. I’m not sure I can train 6 days a week.

    Keep going though. You’re both doing great.

  2. Hi Gareth

    I think this is the 70.5 plan Kate used: http://www.triathlete.com/2010/09/training/super-simple-ironman-70-3-triathlon-training-plan_12364

    its on the same site as the full ironman plan that we are both working too: http://www.triathlete.com/2011/02/training/super-simple-20-week-ironman-training-plan_301772
    Here’s the PDF download: http://cdn.triathlete.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Super-Simple-Ironman-Training-Plan.pdf?_ga=2.195382954.708347030.1526478577-277637459.1521124485

    I think Kate is more accurately following the plan, in the respect that she makes sure she gets in the total amount of hours / discipline per week.

    Me on the other hand, I am kind of trying to follow the plan. I am ahead of schedule on the bike mileage / hours, but I’m only managing to get a max of 2 swims in a week, which I am ok with. With swim time is going in the right direction, slowly. Running is a bit sporadic and I need to get a bit more consistent. Especially as the mileage builds I can’t afford to be missing so many runs. Hopefully you will be around for a bit of company 🙂

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