Post Ironman Update- Day before my knee op! Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy

I’ve decided to continue with the blog as I will soon have plenty of time on my hands, also I found reading other people’s blogs useful to get an idea of what to expect from the surgery.

To fill in the gaps briefly after Ironman, I rested for a few weeks then I did the 70.3 Mumbles Triathlon,  which seemed a good idea at the time but my knees really weren’t up to the job- I was in pain from the start of the half marathon to the bitter end- something really wasn’t right!

So to cut a long story short, after a long period of no running, various physio regimes and an MRI scan I found out that I was born with Trochlea Dysplasia ( which means that the groove that the patella sits in is very shallow) so the years of gymnastics, running cycling etc has caused a misalignment of the patella and tracking issues. So I am booked in tomorrow to have knee cap re-alignment surgery ( Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy), the right knee is the worst so I am having that one done first.

The surgery involves cutting a slice of the bone at the top of the tibia, moving it over slightly and re attaching with screws. I will then be in a brace for 6 weeks for the bone to fuse, followed by rehab to increase range of movement and strength. Needless to say I am apprehensive about having such an operation but if it means pain free walking let alone running it will be worth it!

Training wise I have managed some light turbo sessions, I have kept up the strength work and have been really concentrating on my swimming, which I have really enjoyed, my pace has improved ever so slightly too!  I have been out and about as much as I can and have had some lovely beach walks.  The challenge for me in this whole process will be to cope with the immobility and slow rehab process but I am determined to stick to the rehab plan rigidly and do everything I can to aid recovery.

I was hoping to go and see mum before the op but she has had a stomach bug and I was advised not to see her, which is a shame as a cwtsh is what we both need! Bless her she has had a rough time recently and has been very poorly.  Going to see her will be my priority next week!

I have cleaned the house, completed a food shop order to be delivered  just before I come home from hospital and have packed my bag. I have stocked up on books, box sets, pain relief and ice packs and am ready to roll!

xxx  Kitty

2 thoughts on “Post Ironman Update- Day before my knee op! Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy

  1. Hey Sis, I’m sure all will go swimmingly with the op, and when you have your leg brace you will literally be an iron woman(ok I know it’s not actually iron but you know what i mean).

    Knowing you I’m sure that the rehab will be adhered too to the letter. And I have no doubt you will be up and running as soon as you feel you can.

    Try and chill tonight, I know it’s easier said than done, but it will surely be best to try.

    Love you lots and I can’t wait to see your knee bling on Wednesday.

    Iron Bruv

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