Operation Day -Tuesday March 12 2019


An early start to help Ed make welsh cakes for his school ‘Welsh Bake Off’. He decided he wanted choc chips instead of raisins and they were surprisingly yummy! Thankfully I had until 11am before I had to stop eating and drinking.


I then ran Tom to school and did a few more jobs around the house before having my antibacterial shower and doing a final pack of my hospital bag. I then zoomed to Ed’s school to watch him in his Eisteddfod, a lovely way to distract from the nerves that were steadily building.

Steve then drove me to hospital at 3.30pm, settled me in and then we said goodbye. By 5pm I was in my gown, the surgeon came with the form to sign, we had a quick chat and he drew an arrow on my leg, I then saw the anaesthetist and by 5.50pm I was in the pre op room and drifting off to sleep.



I woke up bandaged and braced and I was pretty much pain free due to the nerve block. The surgeon was really pleased with the way things had gone, no unforeseen issues, which was great news!


My boys came to visit then and filled me in on their days. I don’t remember much else other than trying to get comfortable, my leg was heavy and numb. I managed something to eat then settled down to watch Grey’s Anatomy- I have a lot to catch up on, I’m only just finishing Season 2.

After putting it off as long as possible, with help, I ventured to the bathroom, too wobbly from anaesthetic to try walking, thankfully I was wheeled there. I was told to weight bear straight away as much as I could manage so I tentatively stood on my numb foot and hung onto the sink to brush my teeth, all good.

Day 1 Post Op- Wednesday

I had a restless night, between having observations done, night sweats, and trying to manoeuvre a numb braced leg into a comfy position. I probably slept for an hour at a time before having to change position. My foot was beginning to get tingly and was slowly coming back to life, the nerve block was wearing off which meant the pain was going to kick in soon. At 6.15 am I asked for some pain relief as the front of my knee was throbbing, I was given paracetamol. By 7.50 am I was given oral morphine- holy moly the pain was intense! I had read that this stage of recovery will be painful and so when I was offered codeine I took that too as by this point I was weeping! This still didn’t make me pain free but far more comfortable and able to have a go at using crutches when the physiotherapist Andy came. Andy was very patient and reassured me that whimpering was quite normal when getting moving after this type of surgery. We practised going up and down stairs and Andy reminded me of the importance of taking it slow and steady, he knew I was one to watch! I assured him though that I will listen to my body and all of the advice given and will stick to the plan- I love a plan!


I also saw the  surgeon who also reminded me to take things slowly, I can remove the brace to ice my knee and to start getting range of movement back with some simple knee bends but must wear it all other times. I will see him again in 2 weeks for a check up and to have stitches out. Andy the physio will stay in regular contact to keep everything on track. I feel well looked after and positive that this will all be worth it in the long run!

I was discharged then with plenty of pain relief, the car journey wasn’t pleasant but it was lovely to get back home in time for the boys getting home from school. The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur.


Day 2 Post Op- Thursday

A much better night’s sleep, I’m getting used to the pain a bit now and finding ways of manoeuvring my leg in and out of bed. I can put some weight through it now too but every movement has to be carefully calculated.

I’ve had some visitors today too which has been lovely, I now have plenty of reading material to keep me occupied.


Very apt- thank you Em!


I’m still a bit jaded from the anaesthetic and the pain killers are making me sleepy so I have had a lazy day napping, watching Grey’s Anatomy and reading. This evening I have had a little wander around the house on my crutches to stretch everything out a bit and to have a change of scenery! My boys have been great- I’ve been using my cowbell to call them when I need something- though I have been trying to get up and do what I can for myself this afternoon, pain permitting.


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