8 Weeks Post Op -Rehab Begins!

The last few weeks have been spent doing lots of walking, still using my crutches, to get a bit of an upper body work out and to just get back into the routine of getting up and out.  Its amazing how many people who stop and have a chat and share their knee injury stories, I’ve met some lovely people on my crutching travels!


I have continued with a  bit of one legged cycling and weights and core work. It is amazing how much muscle has atrophied, I have had to adjust the brace as my leg has got thinner- it was slipping down my leg!

I have been counting down to the last day of wearing the brace and getting my check up with the consultant, I’ve been so looking forward to beginning rehab!

The 7 week X-ray was all good, the consultant was pleased with the way it was all looking, screws in the correct place and bone looking good too! He gave me the go ahead to swim, but strictly no breastroke, I can cycle and cross train too as range of movement improves- Yippee! He was happy for the brace to come off and for me to walk and move about as ‘normal’. Easier said than done! He said to expect swelling, aches and pains as I become more active- he wasn’t wrong there!!

So the following day at 6am I was in the pool.  Swimming is great, I have pretty much slipped back into it no problem, the only thing I can’t do is tuck my legs in to turn and push off the side of the pool, but I can cope with that, I also have to be very careful getting around on a wet poolside. It has just been so lovely to get my heart rate up, exercise my whole body and feel some kind of ‘normality’ return. I’ve been nearly everyday since I was given the green light!

Walking about is more difficult than with the brace as I still haven’t got the strength in my leg or range of movement in my knee to bend it as I walk so I am continuing to limp badly. I still feel a bit wobbly when I am out and about, hills are tricky and steps are still a one legged job. I get nervous crossing roads too as I just can’t make a dash for it.

I have also started going on the rowing machine too, but with very limited bend in my legs so mainly still upper body work. My physio starts in a couple of days so hopefully then I will crack on with the stuff that is going to get my range of motion back and work on quad strength etc. I still can’t drive so day to day stuff is still tricky.

Sleep deprivation has continued to be an issue, the brace was really uncomfortable, the first night without it was the best night’s sleep I had had in 7 weeks, but it has gone downhill since then. Now that I am more active and using my knee walking/ swimming I am getting more swelling and pain especially at night and I can feel the tenderness now in bed when I lie on my side, whereas before the brace was cushioning those tender spots. I keep telling myself it will be worth it!

So onward and upward!

xx Kitty


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