Blood Sweat and Tears!

I am so chuffed to have completed the Cardiff to Tenby ride this weekend, it took a huge amount of courage, my longest ride yet- 106 miles!


I was super nervous starting in Cardiff, there was lots of traffic and I got separated from the little group I started with, I then had an injury and cut my fingers by doing something stupid (which I’m too embarrassed to share).


So I was then on my own, with bleeding, sore fingers and not 100% sure of the route!  I had a little ‘wobble’ and the doubt crept in for a minute- I then had a little chat with myself to pull it together and just accept I’ll be on my own so I needed to get my head down, pedal and get on with it!


The route from Cardiff to Carmarthen was tough in that there was lots of busy large roundabouts, traffic lights and dual carriageways- not my normal kind of ride- quite scary! I was much happier on the country roads and climbs from Carmarthen to Tenby.


I am sure the Cycle Specific watt bike classes helped with tackling the climbs together with advice taken from my Bruv and my buddy Em- ‘spin on the hills’ ‘let the hill come to you’! Even though the hilliest section came at the end of the ride I felt surprisingly good.


I managed to munch my way through all the snacks and powerballs I could carry and my High 5 carb drink seemed to do the trick! My little treats came in the form of cocktail flavoured fruit jellies from the Co-op – so at the top of each climb I rewarded myself with a Strawberry Daiquiri or a G+T !!!







It was so lovely to see my familyat the endof the ride, and to have their encouragement and support. It was a fantastic atmosphere in Tenby and we topped the day off with burger, chips and a pint!

I’m so glad to have got over 100 miles under my belt and I am looking forward to the Long Course Weekend now! I am really enjoying the challenges that this Ironman training is bringing, and  when things seem tough I remind myself why I am doing it! I shall be telling mum all about it on Monday!

xx Kitty


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