Mixing it Up!

I’ve managed a few more road rides on my new bike, weather hasn’t been great, but had one sunny, gorgeous early morning ride around Gower- aiming to get as many hills in as possible!  I love getting up and out early on days like these- especially living by the sea. 01014f1d954ce2ebbe5b92c7929062963b063b10f2I can also swing by and visit mum for a quick cwtsh, even though she doesn’t really understand when I update her on the training, I take such comfort from being with her and seeing those blue eyes.  She loves a cwtsh and it makes climbing that big hill up to Penmaen all the more worth it!
The watt bike sessions have continued, and I have been inspired by and have loved watching the Commonwealth Games whilst slogging it out on the turbo!
The great thing about triathlon training is ‘mixing it up a bit’.  After lots of reading up on the importance of core strength I have upped my game a little with more core workouts and weights.  Also keeping stretched out with yoga and a bit of gymnastics thrown in- I love a handstand!


The foam roller is also my new best friend!  IT band issues stopped one of my long runs recently so I’m working on that and hopefully booking in to have a sports massage too.


Swimming is ticking along nicely, the next step will be venturing into the sea at the end of the month- brrrrrr!! I love sea swimming!


I came across this gorgeous photo of family Griffin, it was Dave’s Christening- mum was so stylish and chic.

Precious memories.

xx  Kitty



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