Nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy!

I’ve had my first road ride this week which went well, those brutal, vomit inducing watt bike classes are paying off!  I also did my swim session with my husband’s super fast ‘Masters’ group – I trailed behind – slow and steady! Although, apparently, my stroke technique has improved.  I am really looking forward to getting in the sea though, less turning around!!

It is week two of HRT patches and I seem to have more energy this week, though I’m still struggling a little with achy joints- another fact learnt is that oestrogen has anti-inflammatory properties so as it decreases it can cause more aches and pains.  That said, I feel so lucky to be physically able to push my body to its limits and as training is progressing my confidence is growing.  What I am finding best of all is meeting new people to share the Ironman journey experience with and new people to train with.  I’m even embracing social media! 

I think my drive and determination comes from my gymnastic background.  One coach in particular would put us through gruelling conditioning training, which I hated at the time! But now I am grateful for that core strength and the ‘no pain no gain’ mantra that I find myself saying to myself when my quads are on fire!

I take inspiration from my two sons Tom, who is 15, and Ed, who is 9.  Tom stays calm and takes everything in his stride when faced with hurdles that spring up unexpectedly at the most inconvenient times.  He is bright, brave and has a very dry sense of humour.  He was born with an immune deficiency, so basically can’t produce his own antibodies well enough to protect against infection.  He has fortnightly infusions of immunoglobulins which I do for him at home and he takes a range of medications to keep him well.  But now and again an infection will break through and we have to drop everything and get him checked out and dosed up before complications can occur.  So as I write this I am waiting on another phone call with an update on how he is from his teacher as he is currently on a school trip to America and has become unwell.

Unfortunately this is the nature of his condition and for him it means he has missed going to the NBA basketball game in NY that he was so excited about and has spent a couple of days in bed.  As usual he is taking it on the chin and not complaining at all! 

Ed is creative and is always keen to grab any new opportunity that he is given.  He has a range of hobbies from rugby, skateboarding to ballroom dancing!  I take inspiration from his ‘have a go’ attitude and in fact when I was procrastinating about signing up for Ironman he was full of encouragement and reminders about how you can achieve something when you put your heart soul and mind to it.  He has signed up to, and is looking forward to, the Ironkids race too, so I have another running buddy!  There was great excitement this morning when he received his limited edition ‘diamond’ Blue Peter Badge through the post.  He was chuffed to bits with this accolade! 

I keep reminding my boys how my mum would have so enjoyed seeing them grow up and become the amazing individuals that they are.  Had it not been for Alzheimer’s she would have  loved to bake with them, watch their concerts, take them to the park and all those other lovely things that Nannies get to do.

Tom only has a vague memory of my mum reading to him as a toddler, but with photos of the lively and active mum that I remember and lots of talking I make sure that he knows how supportive and proud she would be. 


Ed only knows the Nanny who we chat to about our day, who smiles at us but isn’t able to speak, who we feed, cuddle and reassure. She would love that he is Strictly Come Dancing’s number one fan as it was her favourite programme.

Keep dancing! 

xx Kitty


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