Garmin 910XT bypassing Garmin Connect

After having another episode of data going awol on my 910XT i thought id see if there was anyway of digging into the files on the watch itself.

Well it turns out you can, kind of. I didnt really allow me to find my lost data, but it has certainly given me new way of downloading the data which might be a bit more consistent. As I am guessing it might have been Garmin connect which corrupted the data whilst I was initially trying to get the data uploaded. It was taking an extraordinary long time to upload, I had only recorded about 2 activities since the last upload so it shouldn’t take that long. I ended up restarting the watch , it synced pretty quick then, but no activity in history, or on Garmin connect.

So i did a bit of googling and came across a couple of sites which suggested using some python scripts which would connect over the ANT+ USB and download all the activites off the watch.

Using Garmin 910XT With Ubuntu Linux (Part 1)

I had to install the python libusb as was getting a no backend error. I installed it using brew:

I then went on to try uploading the retrieved files to strava, at which point I discovered some broken files so I used:

How to fix a corrupt Garmin FIT file

This is all bascially a list of what I have done just in case I need to remeber it !

One thought on “Garmin 910XT bypassing Garmin Connect

  1. I’ve not had many issues with my 920XT until recently when it doesn’t seem to recalibrate pace. If I’m running at 9min/mile and I suddenly have to walk for two minutes then it measures the pace and shows it on the watch – for example 15min/mile – but if I then start to run again it doesn’t re-set the pace to the faster. It’s annoying.

    Of course – it’s out of warranty now and Garmin want £65 to send me a replacement.

    I’ve reset the watch totally back to factory settings (annoying) – and it seems to have improved the situation. Maybe restoring back to stock will help?

    Of course you can also take the data files off using Windows Explorer as the watch comes up as a USB drive.

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