3 Events in 1 Week!

What a week! First the Breca Gower Swimrun and then the Long Course Weekend Tenby. Both incredible events in the most gorgeous surroundings, with the sun shining and calm waters!!

The Breca event consisted of:

Run: 17.8km | Swim: 2.2km | Transitions: 8 | Total: 20km | Total Ascent: 560m 

We started at Oxwich Bay  and ran and swum our way home around the coastal trails and bays, back to Mumbles.  It was a hot day and it was such a relief to get into the cool, calm water for each swim, but I wasn’t expecting a jellyfish swarm- literally hundreds! We have encountered massive barrel jellyfish and we have been stung on our faces on our training swims so I wasn’t as freaked out as I would have been a couple of months ago and I knew I had to keep it together and just get on with it!

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Super Support

Team TomKat did incredibly well, we were the 6th mixed team home and came 26th overall. We even had our own team of supporters along the route- thank you all! A massive thanks to Lucy Richardson (Tom’s wife) of Allihopa for the fab Team TomKat posters and I couldn’t have done this if it weren’t for my husband Steve’s support and encouragement,  which is continuous throughout this Ironman journey!

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Long Course Weekend

So following the Breca event I eased off on the training a little in preparation for Tenby Long Course Weekend. It consisted of the Ironman 3 events over the three days.

So it was a 2.4 mile swim Friday, 112 mile bike Saturday and the marathon on the Sunday- I chose not to do the marathon as it would take me too long to recover after the weekend and I will need to resume my training plan.

I found both events mentally hard as well as a physical challenge but wow- I did them! My swim was my best time to date 1 hour 20 mins and the bike was 8 hours 9 mins, though how on earth I will run a marathon after it, remains to be seen!!

Ed had his first taste of a race and completed the Taff Kids swim run race – he was awesome!

I went straight to see mum on Monday to tell her all about this weekend’s adventures, her eyes lit up when she could see how pleased I was.  I told her too that it was her that kept me going when I sank into a dark place on the bike ride and when I doubted I could finish the swim. She always said I was a determined young lady-  well I’m not young anymore, but am certainly determined!!!

xxx Kitty

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