8 Days Post Op

Saturday I had quite a down day, fed up of pain, not washing properly, the boys have been quite busy so I haven’t seen much of them. I did manage to watch the rugby at a friends house for a couple of hours but I felt really out of sorts and couldn’t get into the spirit, I came home and had a cry and felt a little better after that. Sunday I had my first ‘walk’ out in the sunshine it was sooo nice to be out! I was exhausted when I got home and needed a little nap. My … Continue reading 8 Days Post Op

Day 4 Post Op

I’m going to try to have more of a ‘normal’, up and about kind of day today though I still feel a bit weak and wobbly.  I haven’t been able to shower yet, I am relying on giant bed bath wet wipes to freshen up ( a festival wash- without all the festival fun!). Steve washed my hair for me yesterday which made all the difference. I sat on a stool outside the shower, held onto the sink and just leaned back while Steve quickly washed and conditioned my hair.  Steve has been so patient so far and has been … Continue reading Day 4 Post Op

Ironsiblings slayed the dragon!!

Well we did it! Finished in one piece, no injuries, no bike issues and with huge grins on our faces!! My finish time was 15 hrs 10 and Dave’s was a magnificent 13 hrs 52!!! We couldn’t wait to show mum our medals! So far we have raised a whopping £2000!! I am still coming to terms with what we have actually achieved! It was hard, really hard but at no point did I want to give up, in spite of the dark place I was in 6 hours into the bike, faced with a head wind, tired legs, a … Continue reading Ironsiblings slayed the dragon!!

7 Days to go!!!!

One week to go and I’m feeling good, nerves are starting to creep in but so far keeping a handle on it.  I’ve been quite reflective this last week in order to instill positivity and confidence! I’ve been looking back on my training- which has gone really well due to good weather, a realistic plan, an amazingly supportive family and a range of training buddies!  The fortnightly update of the chalk board has become quite a ritual! Also looking back on the events I have taken part in to prepare myself reminds me how lucky I am to be in … Continue reading 7 Days to go!!!!

Holiday training

I’ve just returned from our family holiday to the Dordogne in France, which was really lovely with lots of well needed family time, relaxation and of course more training! It was great though as once I had done my early morning training I knew I could flop on a sun lounger and eat french bread and cheese to my heart’s delight! The area was great for bike riding, plenty of lovely places to visit along the river ; Beynac, Roque Gageac, Vitrac, Cenac and some great climbing up to Domme! It was very hot though, some days it got up … Continue reading Holiday training

Just keep swimming…running…swimming..running

The next challenge is the Gower Breca Swimrun in July! So with my team mate Tom Richardson we have tried to get in the sea as much as possible and have started running in our wetsuits and swimming in our trail shoes! Crazy I know but what a way to experience our amazing coastline! Training is going well especially now the sea has warmed up a bit, we did our first open water 3K distance and felt good!     All this training I think is starting to rub off! Ed, who is 9- did first proper sea swim tonight … Continue reading Just keep swimming…running…swimming..running